Sunday, April 03, 2011


Is fright the right emotion one should feel when watching this?

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I never ever have a good time listening to Bangs.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hum Baby!

World Series Baseball! Local boys make good! While the radio, television and newspapers continue to build the (mostly-positive) hype as they always have, these last few months I've also seen many tweets and status updates celebrating the Giants' many successes and woeing their few failures, a uniquely 21st century manifestation of the usual excitement around such events. In response to this shared celebration many others have gone out of their way to ridicule us baseball fans, sometimes in good humor, but mainly out of sheer ignorance. Perhaps it is a byproduct of the social-networking age, but I've really noticed an unnecessary amount of hating on the excitement over the Giants' World Series bid and subsequent victory.

"i'm glad the world series is over. i was starting to feel guilty about how many people i was deleting."
Considering I wasn't deleted from this person's friends list, they obviously weren't very serious about the whole thing. Perhaps they were just annoyed by seeing so many of their peers writing about the Giants, but perhaps they need to get a life because they spend too much time on Facebook, because it really shouldn't be taken that seriously (WHY AM I WRITING THIS BLOG POST?!?!).

"I dont care about sports"

Someone who didn't really care wouldn't even make this post!

"Big F N deal."

If it doesn't affect you, why must you rain on someone else's parade? Ditto my commentary from above.

"WOOO SUPERBOWL YEAH MAN! Take that stanely cup home SF"

Okay, this guy's just trolling. Not that bad actually... Except for the typo!
"pfft... i could win the world series but i don't wanna"

Another troll, but even the best trolling efforts get tiresome when surrounded by other poor trolls and their witless jabs.

"Who needs free Giants tix? Go up to the foothills of south san jose. The ticks are giant and free too! Go for it jocks! Haha"

This joke might have worked better if he said "giant sticks" (GIANTS-TIX), but really, is the "jocks" jab really necessary? You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who wasn't into some form of sports, or, more generally, games or athletic diversion. We're not all jocks.

"the best part about the giants winning in 2 months everyone who was so happy isn't even gonna care. nice try bay area fans, you've proven to be the biggest group fair weather fans i've ever seen. GROSS! ha"

One, he assumes that everyone is a fairweather fan. Two, why shouldn't people be happy in the moment? What's gross about sharing some diversion with your friends? Here's an actual response to this fool's post:

"FRIEND, it's like going to a show. It was pretty awesome, won't forget about it but I'm not gonna talk about everyday. I see you post more shit about the giants winning than anyone else on here, bitching or not. I'm just not really sure why you even give a shit if people are into something silly like a sport. I love you but if you're gonna bitch about something on here, can it please be about something a little more interesting, like, how there is an AIDS epidemic at work."

I'm not sure what this AIDS epidemic is all about, but she put it pretty well.

His response to his friend's response:
"hahahahah FRIEND, i see what ur saying but i haven't said anything about the giants in like a week now. i'm just telling it like it is."

That was posted on Monday, November 1st.

This was posted October 30th (when the Giants lost one of their only playoff games)
strike 3, urrrrrrrrrrrr out!!!!

Now for some of his prior gems:

"and the bandwagon fans roll out. all aboard the yuppie train you fucks"

"fuck the vaGiants!!!!"

"i hope tim throws his arm out or gets hit by a line drive."

"i love working in the bay area and seeing all these people just be bummed about the giants losing. makes me smile!"

Ahh yes, because schadenfreude, wishing ill upon your fellow man, and judging others blindly couldn't possibly make you hypocrite... right?

"you know i thought people today had respect, 1 you don't just yell at people if they ride a bike. 2 you def. don't pull up behind me and get out of your car talking shit for the fun of it, i might just have a knife on me. fucking tough guys, the world needs to get rid of them."

Talking shit for the fun of it? Right... Though I do agree about the last part... Fucking tough guys: the world needs to get rid of them.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Born Invincible

This is gonna be pretty dope.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The [web]Site of Reversible Destiny

BoingBoing mentioned an article in the New York Times about conceptual artist Arakawa and his wife Madeline Gins. Arakawa recently passed away, but not after bestowing the world with tons of weird stuff, such as the Site of Reversible Destiny in Yoro (pictured above). I'm pretty fascinated by homeboy's existence, having known nothing about him prior to tonight even though I've been to the Site of Reversible Destiny. I guess dying proves that some aspects of destiny aren't reversible though, huh?